Biology is one such branch of science important for the students aspiring to get into the medical or any science related field. One has to really be a pro in it to acquire the desired field. Every board has a biology subject in their academic curriculum right from standard 6, so, most of the students are quite strong with the fundamentals and basics of Biology.

Biology preparation requires planning.

The students are of the notion of simply mugging up the topics in Biology and writing them on the day of the examination. However, this does not really help in the long run. You cannot remember anything if you do not have a proper understanding of the topic because the questions asked in the examination are never in the direct form. Therefore, you need to know the topic and you can answer any question asked from that portion.

Make notes of everything.

There are certain topics such as Biogas, Natural resources, etc., which are similar in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry but have a slightly different way of answering. Make a track of all those topics.

Practice the diagrams properly.

Label them appropriately and do not get confused with the labeling. For eg., the structure of arteries, and veins have a slight but major difference. Be careful about the difference between arteries and veins structures. Draw them repeatedly to memorize them. You score well when you mention a diagram along with the explanation.

The Biology paper is a descriptive one.

You need to note down the important points to include in the description. The description should not contain stories missing the actual answer. To avoid this, note down every important information.

There are various theories in Biology, such as gene theory, the theory of natural selection, cell theory which is important from the examination perspective. Do not skip them in any case. These are usually asked as short notes.

Keep revising the class assessments.

The questions asked in the assessments are also asked in the main exam. For the students appearing for boards examination, practice the question paper of pre-board exams and also the previous year question papers. The questions are often repeated.

Nowadays E-learning is the new trend.

The visuals actually help the students memorize things. It is said, you learn better when you see things. E-learning is serving the purpose. One such online app is Byju’s-The Learning App which provides a detailed and easy visual explanation of every topic from the Biology syllabus for K10 and NEET exam.

For more information on Biology topics, refer the Byju’s website and subscribe to its YouTube channel.

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