With all of the different choices available now for continuing your education, how can one decide what is best? It can be very hard to muddle through all of the information and find what is best for you. If you are considering an online degree program, we have listed a few advantages and disadvantages for online degrees. We can’t make the decision for you but we can supply you with the facts.


1. Flexibility. This can be a broad concept when talking about online degrees, but the flexibility allows you a lot of freedom. You can attend school and work it around your personal and professional obligations and you are able to “attend” school wherever there is a computer.

2. Improves your computer skills. You will constantly be on the computer and the internet so you will quickly learn to better navigate your way. You now have all of your knowledge at your fingertips.

3. More opportunities to be involved. You might wonder how you can do this behind a screen, but that screen has been shown to help get students more involved in class discussions. Since you do not have the actual fear of someone next to you making fun of you for raising your hand it has been proven that students participate more and digest the information better.


1. Lack of motivation. If you lack motivation in your everyday then getting an online degree may not be best for you. When you are on your schedule, you have to force yourself to be disciplined in learning the material. Only you can determine your success.

2. Lack of social interaction. When you attend a traditional school there is constantly things happening and you always see people. When you attend an online degree program there are days when you won’t leave your house and your face to face connection with others will not happen.

3. Computer issues. Yes, this can be a disadvantage also. There are a million things that can happen with your computer and internet and they usually happen at the worst times. It will be important to always have a plan B in place in case your internet goes down or your computer dies.

Only you can decide what learning environment is right for you. Now that there is less of a stigma about obtaining an online degree, you are able to have more options. Whatever way you choose, you are one step further to your next degree.

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