Have you been wondering why so many parents are choosing to forgo public education and teach their children at home? Here is a look at 5 pros of homeschooling, along with reasons you should consider educating your children at home.

1. Academics

Although some parents are concerned that they are not qualified to teach their children, statistics show that homeschoolers outperform their peers in both public school and private school on standardized tests. Homeschooling provides a one on one, tutorial environment that is geared to the student’s needs. Children proceed at their own pace through lessons that are tailored to their interests and learning styles. They develop a love of learning that will serve them through college and beyond.

2. Socialization

Socialization is usually cited as a reason not to homeschool. However, I believe socialization is one of the main benefits of homeschooling. Unlike children in public schools who spend their days with others who share their age and socioeconomic status, homeschooled children learn in a diverse, real world environment. These children are regularly exposed to individuals of various backgrounds and ages through participation in support groups and community activities, and they learn positive social behaviors from the adults around them.

3. Safety

Children who are taught at home grow up in a cooperative environment that is free from teasing, bullying and negative peer pressure. Instead of spending their energy learning to conform in order to avoid harassment, homeschooled children learn to appreciate their unique characteristics and share them with the world. These children also avoid pressure to use drugs and engage in other risky behaviors at an early age. Instead of being too sheltered to survive in the real world, homeschool students leave home with the strong self concept they need to face life’s challenges.

4. Freedom

Freedom and flexibility are also pros of homeschooling. When teaching their own children, parents have the freedom to choose materials that fit their values and needs. They have more control over what their children are taught, and are able to wait to introduce sensitive or controversial topics. Homeschooling families also have the ability to set their own schedules. This provides them with more freedom to plan field trips, vacations, and other appointments.

5. Family

Family unity is one of the most important homeschool advantages. In addition to spending 6 hours per day away from home, public school students use their evenings to complete homework and attend outside activities, leaving little time to build relationships with their parents and siblings. Homeschoolers recapture these essential daytime hours. They spend time learning and growing as a family, and building memories they will treasure for years to come.

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